Preliminary to writing a business plan, you’ll need a webdesign company mission statement. Your business mission statement should express exactly what you expect to do for clients who choose to hire you. It should also express your ultimate intention for your webdesign business. Of course that can change from year to year, but write your mission statement now, and re-evaluate each year when you re-write your business plan.

When you’re starting a business, strategic planning will put you at the top of the field, above all the other business owners who forgot to plan. Know where you’re going, and you’re more likely to get there!

Business mission statements should reflect our personal values as well as our business values, so evaluate what is important to you.

Start by answering these questions:

What are your favorite activities?

What do people praise you for?

What do people ask you for help with?

What is easy for you?

What personal qualities do you value?

What business values are important to you?

When you’ve done your self-evaluation, it is time to draft your webdesign company mission statement. Start with the words, “My webdesign business mission is . . . ” (though these words won’t show up in the final copy of your company mission statement.)

Here are some ideas for webdesign business mission statements, to help you get going:

“To provide prompt, immediate service to business owners to enhance the values of their online presentations.”

“To enable small businesses to have a five-page web presence.”

“To give dog breeders an opportunity to show their puppies to potential buyers on the web.”

“To create exciting, interactive web art to make restaurant websites more attractive.”

Try a variety of ideas. Do you want your company’s focus to be on fast service, quality design, or affordable pricing? You can put those most important values directly into your webdesign company’s mission statement, to remind yourself ever-after what it is you’re truly intending to do for clients.

Once you know your intentions and encapsulate them in a company mission statement, starting a business in the webdesign field will come easier. You’ll be focused on your main intention and everything else will support that expectation. You’ll be so focused on your mission statement’s goal that strategic planning for that main purpose will come easily. You’ll be excited about it!

This is an essential preliminary step to writing a business plan. It will make you a more effective business owner because you’ll know your business mission, will live it, breathe it, and carry it within your heart.

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