Webdesign Business Startup Notes: Startups, WordPress, Networking, and a Goal

Revised and updated: How to Start a Webdesign Business

This is fun to browse through: Killer Startups – new sites reviewed daily…

Do you use WordPress for your designs? If so you might love this site: WP Scoop. While I was there I found this cool article: 18 Alterntive Ways to Use WordPress. I also like this WP Theme Building Cheat Sheet.

If you’re getting started in the webdesign business you’ll get a lot of help from joining an online community. I just joined The V7 Network and have been a member of the Women Designers Group mailing list for years. When you need help with a webdesign project – there it is!

I lost my job at a local business just over a year ago. With the recession and competition for jobs here in California, I’ve thought about returning to webdesign. That depends on whether I can sell that novel I recently finished revising for the sixth time. I’m submitting it to agents now. I see webdesign as ‘easy money’ in one respect, because lots of people need webdesigners… but not so easy when I consider the time I’d have to put into making it work.

In any case, I’m going to start redesigning this site. It will be an intense project as I don’t want to just toss something together… I’m looking forward to a project that expands my creative design skills and produces a truly unique web experience. How’s that for a goal?

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