The second section in your marketing plan will be a series of written statements on how each of your core services will benefit your potential clients. It is important to write this out so that you’ll have a strong understanding of exactly how your business will help people. Later, when you’re involved in selling, you’ll find these “talking points” helpful.

One marketing plan I wrote had these statements, which I reprint here as examples:

Example One – Web Development Consultant: “My consultations help small business owners learn to make the most of their site on the Internet.”

Example Two – Web Hosting: “My web hosting provides excellent customer service 24/7 for small business owners seeking a professional Internet presence.”

Example Three – Template Developer: “My blog and content management system templates provide an easy and accessible way to make sites look professional and well organized. Some templates will be unique, one-of-a-kind, artist-created works of art while others will be created with a stricter budget in mind. The blogs will be fully loaded with helpful plugins including automatic backups, and will be ready to use as I’ll offer to do template installation for my clients.”

So there you have it.
1. Choose your Core Services – write them down!
2. Write down exactly how each core service will benefit your clients.

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2 Responses to Marketing Plan – Part Two: How Will Your Core Services Benefit Your Clients?

  1. [...] plan starts with understanding what your core services will be. Next you’ll need to know how your core services will be a benefit to your clients. These are your selling points. You need next to find the people who will benefit from the skills [...]

  2. Ty says:

    Thanks for this post. Now, where or how will you find clients?

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